The CENTAFLEX-D couplings are very reliable, well proven couplings for generator sets, centrifugal pumpsets and other similar drives.

Within a few short years, these couplings have gained a considerable portion of the market and with more than 50.000 units in operation, they belong amongst the top ranking couplings for the gen-set market.

This range was purposely designed for Diesel driven generator and similar drives. The couplings are simple and robust in design following the well- proven design principles of the claw coupling with purely compression stressed rubber elements.

In the development of the series D coupling, particular importance was given to the following criteria:

  • Generous dimensioning of the rubber elements to ensure very low speci c stress

  • Slim con guration of the claws by attention to the material selection and by careful generation of their shape to allow a long elastic length of the rubber ele- ments. This permits relatively large angles of twist of 3°–5° at nominal torque (depending on size).

    The resulting characteristics provide a range of couplings with relatively low torsional stiffness. The critical rotational speeds (resonances) of the drive, even when the engine has few cylinders, are usually placed below the operation speed of the drive. By using elements of various shore- hardnesses it is possible to further adjust the resonance speed and torque characteristics so that a good torsional vibration situation is generally achieved with commercial engines and generators.

    The couplings are designed as standard to mount direct to SAE standard ywheels, but in addition special designs for non-standard ywheels are readily available.