The well proven and versatile CENTAFLEX-couplings are supplemented by the series E couplings. This adds to the range of larger torques. All ranges of power transmission can be covered by this coupling type.

These couplings are simple and robust in design following the well proven construction principles of the claw coup- ling with purely compression stressed rubber elements.

The CENTAFLEX-E has proved its worth in thousands of applications.

In the development of this range great importance was placed on the following criteria:

  • Generous dimensioning of the rubber elements to ensure very low specific stress.

  • Slim configuration of the claws by attention to the material selection and by careful generation of their shape to allow a long elastic length of the rubber ele- ments. This provides relatively large angles of twist of 3°-5° at nominal torque (depending upon size) and considerable flexibility to accept shaft misalignment without generating unacceptable reaction forces on close coupled shafts.

  • The rubber elements sit firmly in the pockets of hub (2). The relative movements produced as a result of any misalignment occur between the rubber elements and the slim jaw of hub (1).

  • The pocket hub (2) has holes provided to allow cooling air to circulate and aid removal of the elements.

    Important Characteristics and Advantages

  • Simple, robust, safe in operation, compact, fail-safe.

  • Generously dimensioned, low stressed rubber in com- pression elements, air cooled.

  • Dampens vibration and shock loads, accepts axial, angular and radial misalignment.

  • Simple installation, even on flanged drives, blind fit- ting.

  • Four standard types provided basis for many special variations.