Flexible shaft coupling

Flexible shaft couplings with steel hubs and indi- vidually bolted driving/driven dogs providing coup- lings which can easily be adapted to a wide range of coupling requirements.

The couplings can be connected either axially or radially and the flexible elements can be installed without disturbing the driving and driven units.

The first CENTAFLEX couplings were introduced in 1970. Since that time CENTA product development has con- centrated almost exclusively on flexible shaft couplings, and especially on solving torsional vibration problems. At the same time close contact with the world-wide mar- ket for shaft couplings and with specific customers has ensured that market needs have been reflected in this development. The resulting product range comprises a variety of types of coupling each especially suited to particular drive problems and capable of modification to suit individual applications.

The CENTAFLEX-B range of couplings shown here fills a gap in the product range and provides economical flex- ible shaft couplings transmitting up to 1400 Nm torque. It is designed to high technical standards and available in a wide range of types.

Salient features and advantages

  • compact, light, robust, safe in operation, long service life

  • two identical hubs and one exible element

  • hubs of high tensile steel - unbreakable

  • large permissible bores; various hub lengths

  • driving dogs have smooth surface, high durability

  • generously proportioned compression-stressed e- xible inserts made of Elastollan® or Hytrel®

  • dampens vibrations and shocks, compensates for axial, radial and angular misalignment

  • standardised design principle allows numerous varia- tions in design

  • economic and available ex stock

    It will be worth your while to talk to the CENTA engine- ers. Our „know-how“ guarantees advice, based on eld experience, which will provide couplings that are com- pletely satisfactory in service. 

  • Design and materials

    Modern design to give rational and economic manufac- ture - good material properties - design principle proven over the years.

    High quality pressure die-cast radial dogs are fastened by high tensile screws to the steel hub which is machined all over. These dogs are precision cast and have a very smooth surface. Wear and tear on the exible element is therefore a minimum and the coupling has a long service life.

    Flexible element:
    Standard design, colour: green

    The exible element in its standard design is made of Polyurethane of 90 Shore A hardness, which accepts high loads and is resistant to wear.

    The angular de ection at nominal torque is approx. 4° and the characteristic curve is moderately progressive. The exible element is resistant to both oil and grease, will not age in the presence of oxygen and ozone and is suitable for temperatures ranging from -40°C to +80°C, and up to 100°C for short periods.

    Special design “H”, colour: yellow

    Very tough Polyester elastomer “Hytrel” with about 98° Shore A.

    Oil resistant and stands high temperatures up to 150° degrees Celsius (320° F).

    The ideal coupling for ange mounted, well aligned drives, such as hydraulic pumps ets. and as exible shaft B - H - G.