The idea

A high quality coupling element which - with very little effort - enables a highly flexible coupling to be “custom built” for almost any purpose. The CENTAFLEX contains a highly elastic element which is extensively flexible in any direction, and upon which an entire coupling system is based. This coupling system embodies a combination of numerous positive characteristics, with a versatil- ity of design from common components, not previously achieved.

The principle

A prestressed polygon shaped rubber element with metal parts vulcanised in. The important innovation is that the screws connecting the rubber element with the hubs are alternately arranged axially and radially. The radial screws fulfill 2 tasks:

the rubber element to the hub

producing a preload by radial compression of the rubber column

Preload pressure stress in the rubber element consider- ably raises the capacity of the coupling, since it com- pensates for the tensile stress which otherwise occurs in operation. Under compressive stress the capacity of rubber is multiplied.

Transmission of the peripheral force from the bonded aluminium segments to the hubs is by friction. The stress in the screws is therefore purely tensile and in no way a flexional or shearing stress.