This torsionally stiff design supplements the successful range of patented, resilient (torsionally soft) CENTAFLEX couplings, and the CENTAFLEX design X of torsionally rigid couplings.

This design, proven over years in many thousands of appli- cations is the perfect solution to the problem of Diesel hydraulic couplings, today being the leading coupling for hydrostatic drives with the biggest market share.

This design, is the perfect solution to the problem of diesel hydraulic couplings and is the result of:

  • The application of proven principle and extensive expe- rience with resilient CENTAFLEX-couplings.

  • Close contact to the market and acceptance of sugges- tions put forward by many wellknown clients.

  • Intensive testing on own testbenches and in service.

  • New ideas: CENTALOC® backlash free hub/shaft con- nection using a patented type of fastening. No fretting corrosion, no profile distorsion, no wear.

  • High grade materials and new techniques: flexible component made of Hytrel® polyester elas- tomer, a flexible material with unrivalled properties.

  • Inbus Plus® screws: reliable screw fastening by means of microencapsulated adhesive.

  • High precision, super strong aluminium pressure die casting.

  • Steel hubs with a minimum strength of 500 N/mm2

  • High performance with compact dimensions.

  • High torsional stiffnes, yet accomodation of minor mis- alignments and dampening of vibrations.

  • High permissible rotational speeds.

  • extremely high thermal stability -50° to +150° C (-58° to +300°F).

  • Oil restistant.

  • Easy push in assembling.

  • Free of axial forces.

  • Free of wear hub-shaft screw clamping.

  • Free of maintenance.

  • Noiseless.

  • Cost efficient.

    • This coupling was specially developed for the connection of diesel engines and hydrostatic pumps.

      As these pumps usually have relatively small inertias, it is advantageous to use a stiff coupling to connect them with the diesel engine. This has the effect of shifting the critical rotational speeds into speed ranges higher than those of the engine. The drive is thus sub-critical and is free from such critical rotational speeds which could produce dan- gerous torsional vibrations over the whole speed range of the engine.

      The coupling is usually built into a housing between the diesel engine and the hydraulic pump or power distribu- tion gearbox. Naturally, fairly high temperatures predomi- nate inside this housing.

      Because of its extremely high thermal stability, the CEN- TAFLEX-H is the one best suited for this purpose, even with a totally enclosed housing. In addition it is oil-resist- ant.